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  • Who - Everyone is welcome to attend our open community meetings as
               Circle Leaders, Allies, or Guests
  • What - A weekly meal followed by learning, goal setting, and problem
  • When - Every Thursday evening (except holidays)
                 Dinner at 6 pm Meeting 6:30 – 8 pm
  • Where - Tabernacle Presbyterian Church
                   34 th & Central
                   (418 East 34th St)
                   Indianapolis, IN
  • Why - For a better community!

Every Thursday (except holidays) we meet together for a meal followed by a meeting (along with free youth programming and childcare). Our meeting routine includes the following:
  • Announcements - we share upcoming activities, community events of interest, job opportunities, relevant news, reciprocity opportunities (needs and offerings), etc.
  • New and Goods - at the beginning of each meeting we share one thing that has happened to each of us within the last week that is new and good. This gives us the opportunity to focus on the positive, give encouragement, and celebrate successes.
  • Activity/Presentation - each week we plan an activity and/or facilitated discussion on a relevant topic and may invite a speaker from the community as well (see Monthly Schedule below). It provides a time during which everyone can learn and reflect on others’ different perspectives.
  • Closing appreciations - gives us the opportunity to give and receive kind words for each other.

Individual Leadership (1st , 2nd and 4th Thursdays)

Circle Leaders, who are at the center of the Circles® movement, are the individuals or families who are motivated to work toward becoming self-sufficient (i.e. people who are currently living in poverty). Circle Leaders are matched with 2-3 middle- to upper-income community volunteers called Allies who support the efforts of the Circle Leader working towards economic stability.

Training is provided to the Circle Leaders and Allies who are matched. In addition, Allies and Circle Leaders meet with their peers (Allies together and Circle Leaders together) for training discussions and support of each other on the 1st Thursday of the month, which we call “Support Night.’

Matched Circles (the Circle Leader with their 2-3 Allies) meet together as small groups for more individual discussions during Circles INDY meetings on the 2nd Thursday of the month. The Circle Leader focuses on their individual goals and plans and the group discusses ideas, learns together, shares experiences, and offers encouragement to each other with the goal of helping the Circle Leader to achieve his/her goals.

We practice leadership skills on the 4th Thursday of the month when we break into Leadership Teams to plan topics and activities that keep the entire community functioning. Each Team is led by one Circle Leader and one Ally. We have the following teams that individuals may choose to join:

  • Resource Team
  • Recruitment Team
  • Big View Team
  • Community Team

Community Engagement (Every Week)

Our weekly meetings of all Circle Leaders, Allies, Friends and Guests provide us the opportunity to socialize, develop networks, share and practice new skills, discuss strategies for attaining prosperity, and provide peer support. With an emphasis on collaboration and leveraging each other to connect with existing social/community services, Circles® works to facilitate the relationships and connections that will achieve stronger, more sustainable outcomes and permanently end poverty for families and overall within the community.

We have seen grand, transformational things happen during our community meetings that we cannot plan!

Systemic Change (3rd Thursday)

Circles® INDY engages the entire community in owning the solution to poverty. We call this effort to look beyond our individual matched Circles to the entire community our “Big View” effort. On the 3rd Thursday> of the month, which we call our “Big View” night, we invite community leaders to share information and feature discussions about systemic barriers to prosperity and strategies to remove them.

Our Monthly Activity/Presentation Schedule

1st Thursday: Support Night (link to Individual Leadership)
2nd Thursday: Matched Circle Night (link to Individual Leadership)
3rd Thursday: Big View Night (link to Systemic Change)
4th Thursday: Team Night (link to Individual Leadership)

Circle Leaders who stay with Circles® for a full 18-months drastically increase their assets and earnings, by as much as a 62% increase in income, based on the Circles® 2016 National Impact Report. For families in Indianapolis, an average pre-Circle income of $693 per month increased to an average of $1195 per month after 12 months.

  • Circles Meetings on Thursday evenings have been a part of the week I always look forward to and hate to miss. All the relationships that have grown, the transformation that happens, are uplifting and exciting to be a part of. One of the best times of the week for me. (Circle Ally M.W.)
  • Circles is a wonderful opportunity to be yourself, share, resource, grow as a person and always leave feeling great. (Circle Ally J.B.)
  • Circles has taught me a lot of good things about a lot of people. People helping people. (Circle Leader D.P.)
  • Circles means so much to me. It is transforming lives – a place where we can be transparent. I love being here. I always look forward to coming at all times. (Circle Leader)
  • Circles is an open and diverse community – lots of people come here every week, but there are also new faces every week too. Together we help each other learn about the barriers each other might perceive in our society - class, color, economic status, religion, etc. - and even by just being aware, I think we are taking steps in overcoming them. (Circles Ally)
  • The bits I learn about others and about myself every Thursday give me such positive energy and it makes me strive to be a better community citizen in general by being more aware that each person has a story. By taking the time to get to know someone and their story, especially without making judgments, might enable you to learn how you can help them but it can also help yourself. (Circles Ally)
  • You can get help and love all in the same place. (Circle Leader S.D.)
  • I am grateful for the program and the opportunity to learn, grow and gain an extended family. (Circle Ally T.F.)
  • I grew up in near poverty. Circles helps keep me involved in a cause that gives to myself and I can give to others. (Circle Ally J.D.)
  • It’s nice to be involved and meet with others knowing they aren’t obligated to do so. (Circle Leader C.S.)
  • My favorite thing about Circles is the focus on relationships and getting to know people from all walks of life. The framework of Circles allows for open and candid sharing of what’s good and what are the challenges we deal with in our daily lives. But rather than just commiserate or feel sorry for others, we work together to try to resource each other and enable changes, even small ones, to help each other and we celebrate others’ successes no matter if they are big or small. (Circle Ally J.C.)

The best way to learn how to participate is to come check us out any Thursday night! Some of the ways you can participate in Circles INDY are described below:

GIVE: "I would like to give resources from which others can benefit." Here's how:

Your tax deductible contribution will be used to support our Circles INDY community gatherings where we create intentional friendships that strengthen our community!

A financial donation of any amount, or a gift of supplies can be made to support the movement:
  • A donation of $5 will help us provide reciprocity to our Circle Leaders, such as with a gift card for gas.
  • A donation of $10 will help purchase supplies for our meals (napkins, utensils, etc.)
  • A donation of $50 will provide childcare for one week so parents can focus on moving their families out of poverty
  • A donation of $100 will provide a community meal for one week
  • A donation of $500 will provide the curriculum and materials for one participant in our Circles Leader training class

By providing childcare and dinner at every meeting, we ensure that every family can attend these meetings. Thank you!

DO: "I would like to provide time or skills to help others." Here's how:

  • You or your group can provide a meal at a weekly Circles meeting.
  • You or your group can participate in weekly Circles meeting to share and learn about the community. (Check Us Out)
  • You or your group can attend or host a poverty simulation.

Please email:
Circles Coordinator

By providing childcare and dinner at every meeting, we ensure that every family can attend these meetings. Thank you!

ENGAGE: "I would like to see how building relationships can help put an end to poverty. I want to learn from the relationship about myself and my community." Here's how:

Learn more about becoming an Ally or Circle Leader in Circles

  • An ALLY:
    Is a person who isn’t afraid of reaching out and making a new friend. Someone with the heart of a volunteer who cares enough to guide a family through the pitfalls of life. A person who is stable and secure enough to support someone on their journey to success.

    IS THIS YOU? If so, contact us! Indianapolis.circles@yahoo.com

  • A Circle Leader:
    Is a person who is tired of living paycheck to paycheck. Someone who dreams of having more. A person who wants to escape a hard life and work towards a more comfortable future for themselves & their family. A person who is stable and secure enough to support someone on their journey to success.

    IS THIS YOU? If so, contact us! Indianapolis.circles@yahoo.com

ADVOCATE: "To address systemic barriers, I want to help embolden people to find and amplify their voices in community and utilize them for change." Here's how:

  • Invite a Circles member to speak with your group or at an event. Contact us! Indianapolis.circles@yahoo.com
  • Ask us about The Cliff Effect